Advantages of a Bespoke Kitchen

Hue Interiors are witnessing more and more people enquiring about a bespoke kitchen, as the perfect way to achieve their ultimate dream of owning a one-of-a-kind statement space. This is because standard fitted kitchens only come in a pre-defined array of designs and finishes, with a relatively limited choice of styles and restrictions in terms of overall flexibility,

With a bespoke Hue Interiors kitchen, everything is tailored around your space, your requirements, your taste and your desired finishing touches.

Hue Interiors bespoke kitchens put an end to the flatpack wars, poor quality fittings and cookie-cutter designs. But is such a premium option worth it for your home? 

To help you make your decision we’ve outlined just a few of the advantages of going down the bespoke route, below, 

Tailored to You

Regardless of the space issues or shape of your room, bespoke cabinetry is flexible, it’s constructed to fit the shape you have, negating the need to compromise or make sacrifices in order to ‘wedge in’, a non-flexible flatpack.

Space wastage and under utilised areas are often seen with standard fitted kitchens, as it’s highly unlikely that the measurements of your kitchen will perfectly compliment the restrictive sizes available in standard flatpack units. Let’s not even discuss the need for filler panels!

In contrast, a bespoke kitchen uses every square foot, nook and cranny, wraps around awkward shapes and embraces spacial challenges, resulting in a superior aesthetic, increased storage options, maximum usability and enjoyment. 

Your Style

The single most important decision you will have to make when considering a bespoke kitchen is style. Hue Interiors bespoke kitchen designs are available in an unlimited combination of styles, colours and finishes. You’ll be spending many years to come in this space, so why not ensure that it’s an authentic reflection of you and your taste.

With custom hand crafted kitchens, you decide what colours, materials and finishes you desire. If you favour a traditional look or lean towards more of a contemporary design style – we will provide you with an infinite array of options, possibilities and opportunities, to express your creativity, through your perfect kitchen aesthetic.

Don’t let that overwhelm you however. We will provide you with your very own Hue Interiors experienced designer, who will be committed to making your choices a reality, whilst also on hand for problem solving, they will be able to offer you helpful advice, alternatives and solutions.

Your Functionality

The kitchen is like a walk-in Swiss army knife, for-filling a multitude of different purposes. It is also a very individual space, a control hub of sorts and the way it’s used varies from home to home. Often the smallest of decisions have the biggest impact –  the utensils drawer within arms length of the hob, or the perfect triangle between the sink, oven and fridge. Perhaps it’s a larger decision – a spacious Island, awaiting some late night, gin-fuelled, Coyote Ugly inspired footwork. 

Whatever functionality is required from your kitchen, a Hue Interiors kitchen is built around you. Everything is considered, everything has a home, every space is utilised.

Quality You Deserve

It should come as no surprise that most flatpack kitchens and most furniture for that fact is comprised of low quality, cheap materials, often MDF (otherwise known as compressed cardboard), disguised in a thin wooden veneer enabling the manufacturers to maximise profitability.

Whilst Bespoke kitchens tend to be more expensive than their ready-made counterparts, this is down to the fact that in the long term – they’re built to stand the demands of a busy household, ensuring that they last.

Bespoke one-of-a-kind kitchens will never be able to compete on price with off-the-shelf kitchens, that benefit from bulk buy material savings only available to mass market product lines. So when ‘buy low, sell high’ materials aren’t even an option, it’s time to focus on the very best materials and finishes available, it’s time to focus on hand crafting the very best bespoke kitchen that can be created.

Made with Love

In contrast to a standard fitted kitchen, each and every last detail of a Hue Interiors bespoke kitchen has been considered and scrutinised.

Your kitchen won’t be made on a factory production line, every element is made with love by our master craftsmen, who treat every single detail with the same love, care and attention as they did the last and will the next.

Quite simply put; the quality just shines. Not only does a bespoke kitchen look better, it feels better, it works better. It lasts longer and adds more value to your home.

So to answer the question is it worth it? Well.., we certainly think so, in fact, so do our customers and most probably, so to do their friends.

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