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Everything we make is 100% bespoke. From the materials we source, to the space that they need to fit, we plan everything in meticulous detail…

About Us

Hue create bespoke kitchens and exceptional home furnishings, directly based on your exact requirements.

Originating from humble commercial beginnings, the Hue Interiors team is experience-driven, creating bespoke furnishings and exemplary homeware using our collective skill and individual flair.

Based in Sweep Farm on the outskirts of Wetherby in North Yorkshire, Hue’s new showroom sits on top of our workshop. Led by Tom and Don, Hue’s Managing Director and Masterwoodworker, we use age-old woodworking techniques along with modern machinery, handcrafting each component of a Hue Interior – from the first cut to the last.

Using over fifteen years of commercial experience, along with a resolute passion for woodwork and quality, each aspect of our interiors is cut, assembled and finished on-site, delivering a truly unique service that’s tailor-made to your home.


Widely regarded as the heart and soul of any home, Hue believes no kitchen should be “off the peg.” Each Hue kitchen is handmade, designed and tailored to your home using our structural approach. There are no bought-in components, one-size-fits all features or generic touches. We don’t believe in standard or common sizes.

Based on a one-to-one consultation, our engineers and designers will use your direct input to fashion a kitchen that is yours in every sense, tailoring storage, functionality and style into every corner, nook and dimension of your home.

Swipe through our gallery or Instagram feed for inspiration and get in touch to start your bespoke project today.


Hue’s team of mastercraftsmen can turn their hands, and their tools, to any area of your home, blending exceptional quality with innovation and functionality. 

Using A-grade, sustainable timber, along with a range of supporting metalwork, fixings and finishing touches, Hue can embellish your home with whatever you require – from bespoke tabletops to integrated storage solutions. 

Whether you have an unused annex, awkward alcove or sparse stair spandrel, Hue can tailor a solution and elevate your interior.

Take a look at our previous projects below for inspiration and reimagine your home, with Hue.

Material and Sustainability

Hue uses a range of European and British hardwoods to create our exceptional interiors. We are partnered with a third-generation, family-run timber merchants in Ripon and all of our raw timber comes directly from them, reinforcing our bond with local Yorkshire craftsmen and helping our larger community.

Our timber meets and surpasses environmental standards, ensuring our material is responsibly sourced and sustainable. Together with its stunning quality, we believe this creates a superior product – one that deserves its place in a considerate, eco-conscious 21st century home.

Hue also believes in playing our part for the local community.

All of our wasted product, from offcuts to imperfect timber, is processed into wood chips and distributed locally to surrounding Wetherby farms, nourishing the ground and continuing a sustainable process. 

We also work closely with local forestry schools, supplying them with whatever they need, from lengths of timber to wood chips. 

Environmental-conscientiousness, along with true quality, is at the heart of everything we do at Hue…

Get in touch

Situated at Sweep Farm, Hue Interiors is tucked away in the local Wetherby countryside in North Yorkshire. Surrounded by farmland, trees and greenery, it’s the perfect place for woodworking…

Access is easy from the A1(M) junction 45, just off Boston Rd (A168) between the Wetherby and Boston spa roundabouts. Keep going until you hear the sound of our wood saw and you can smell fresh timber…

If you’d like to visit our new showroom, see our workshop or begin work on your project, get in touch using the online form, send us an email via, or call us on 01937 339690…we’re looking forward to hearing from you.