Bespoke Kitchen Ranges

All Hue Interiors kitchens are carefully considered, designed and handmade to the specific requirements of our customers. Every single one of our Yorkshire made kitchens are an original design and creation. Browse through our collection of previous work for initial inspiration and find out how each of these projects have been carefully tailored to the personal tastes and space requirements of our clients. 

Shaker Kitchen Range

Our bespoke shaker range of kitchens fuse traditional, luxury aesthetics with modern styling, features and accessories. With an infinite array of finishes available these elegant, classic designs are timeless. 

View our previous work for inspiration and contact us to find out we can help make your bespoke Shaker kitchen dream a reality.

Handleless Kitchen Range

Hue Interiors custom handleless kitchens are the epitome of minimal sophistication. With sleek, stunning aesthetics our Handleless kitchens are utterly bespoke, featuring the option of completely handleless designs or if you prefer, subtle recessed handles to create a one-of-a-kind, luxurious aesthetic not found elsewhere.

For initial inspiration view our previous kitchen designs or visit the showroom to learn how we can tailor-make the perfect Handless Kitchen for you.

Slab Kitchen Range

Each Hue Kitchens custom made Slab kitchen has a slick modern appearance that combines durability with contemporary looks. Available in any size or finish you require to create a functional yet luxurious look. Any colour any configuration, these stylish kitchens are easy to look after and create a stunning new addition to your home.

Take a look through our previous Slab style kitchens for initial inspiration and then talk to us about how we can custom build a bespoke Slab style kitchen for your home.


Italian Kitchen Range

Our bespoke Yorkshire made Italian design inspired kitchens exude style and sophistication. Their unparalleled looks and quality ensure they are both stylish and durable. Our collaborative design process enables us to hand-craft a completely unique kitchen immaculately designed around you.

For inspiration on your new custom design, bespoke kitchen view our previous work then contact us on 01937 339690 to find out how we can transform your home with a unique Italian design inspired kitchen.


Modern Kitchen Range

Stylish, simple, yet understated custom made kitchens with sleek contemporary aesthetics that define luxury. Discover our stunning, modern designs, feature packed with cutting edge appliances and truly ground-breaking features.

Browse through our previous Modern style kitchens as a starting point and then contact our friendly team of experts to learn how we can custom build a bespoke Modern kitchen for you.

Traditional Kitchen Range

Timeless, luxury kitchens with a modern twist. Our exclusive range of bespoke Hue Interiors Traditional kitchens are truly one-of-a-kind. Our unlimited array of colours and finishes will add the perfect finishing touch to these classic, elegant and durable kitchens.

As initial inspiration for your new Traditional style kitchen, browse through our previous kitchen designs or contact us at to learn how we can work with you to design the perfect Kitchen for your home.

In-Frame Kitchen Range

Hue Interiors bespoke In-frame kitchens are simply stunning. Taking inspiration from timeless cabinet design, whilst fusing contemporary, modern aesthetics with practicality and quality. Our In-frame kitchens look and feel superb, perfect for both the busy family home and those wanting that extra special something.

For inspiration on your new bespoke In-Frame kitchen take a look at our previous work then contact us on 01937 339690 to find out how we can transform your home with a unique modern kitchen made especially for you.

German Kitchen Range

Sleek and contemporary in design, our bespoke hand-crafted German inspired kitchens are as aesthetically stylish as they are well made. Superb quality is ubiquitous with German engineering and a Hue Interiors manufactured kitchen is identical. Completely unique designs and master craftsmanship characterise our kitchens.

Browse through our range of German style kitchens as a starting point and then contact our friendly team of experts to learn how we can custom build a bespoke German inspired kitchen for you.

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